Milwaukee Bucks logo looks too much like Jagermeister’s (Photo)

The Milwaukee Bucks have had their new logo and color scheme the last two seasons. Unfortunately, Jagermeister thinks it looks too much like their logo.The Milwaukee Bucks went with a rebrand before the start of the 2015-16 NBA season. Their new logo and color scheme change has the Bucks looking f…

Report: Carmelo Anthony ‘skeptical’ deal getting done by Thursday

New York forward Carmelo Anthony said Saturday he was “skeptical” the NBA and the players’ union would complete a new collective bargaining agreement in advance of Thursday’s procedural deadline, reported.

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Utah Jazz: Fans Need to Chillax on Player Injuries

Editorial — With injuries mounting, a vocal minority of Utah Jazz fans are questioning the team’s overall toughness. However, the Jazz are taking the right approach.When the Utah Jazz take the floor against the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night, they may have an extra hand on deck for a cha…