Betting on Who Makes the U.S. Men’s Olympic Team

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This week, the pool of 30 players has been announced, and as only 12 players will be chosen to join the 2016 Olympic Team, betting odds have been released. The Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and the U.S. team is need of the best players they can get from the NBA. Take a look at the candidates, along with their odds, and see if there is any you would put your money on.

Player NBA Team Odds Gordon Hayward Utah Jazz 20/1 Rudy Gay Sacramento Kings 20/1 Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets 20/1 Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors 20/1 Paul George Indiana Pacers…

NBA Betting Trend Producing High Wins

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With just over two months into the season, most of the time there hasn’t been much fluctuation in betting, making for positive trends. For instance, the Warriors and Spurs were expected to be the top teams, and they are, with the best teams from the East being Cleveland, which it was also expected. There are no big surprises happening currently, making for a solid trend that has been giving fans a high win percent.

L.A. Clippers On The Spread

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