CBS Unofficial Coaches Poll

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CBS Unofficial Coaches Poll

By: Zachery Bonzheim


CBS recently made their own unofficial preseason “Coaches Poll”. This poll was unique in the way that all of those polled were completely anonymous and unlike the “USA Today Coaches Poll”, instead of ranking the Top 25 teams, they were asked specific questions and their answers were polled. At the bottom of the page is a link to the CBS article. The most prominent piece in the article was when CBS asked: “Who will be the best team in 2017-18?”. Results may shock some, but those who have been engaged with the numerous preseason rankings will see a lot of familiar faces. Arizona led the vote with 40%, followed by Michigan State (28%), Duke (9%), Kansas (9%), Louisville (6%), and only three other teams even received multiple votes. Those teams being Wichita State, Villanova, and Kentucky. CBS also noted that USC

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