A Critical Piece on Brian Bowen and Louisville Basketball

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A Critical Piece on Brian Bowen and Louisville Basketball

By: Zachery Bonzheim




June 2017: Brian Bowen, Small Forward, 6-7, 194 lbs , La Lumiere School, Saginaw MI, Top-20 National Recruit, Consensus Future NBA Player, LOUISVILLE COMMIT


October 2017: Brian Bowen, the center of an FBI investigation surrounding the darkest parts of college basketball.





Brian Bowen is what was you may have inferred from the first line. Bowen was kid built to play basketball and at the highest level. Bowen ended up being a good player with bad people around him.


Bowen was largely recruited by one program throughout high school. This program was Michigan State. Tom Izzo was interested in Bowen going into his sophomore year at Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, Michigan. Bowen had many influences to attend Michigan State. Jason Richardson, MSU great, ex-NBA player, and

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