How coronavirus could hurt influx of overseas talent in the NBA

By | May 27, 2020

The NBA’s biggest priority at the moment is figuring out whether they can resume their season and crown a 2020 champion. However, the NBA’s shifting schedule has a wide-ranging impact that creates some unintended consequences. 

For example, when the NBA schedule is altered, certain deadlines in players’ contracts must be adjusted as well. While NBA contracts will certainly be updated to account for the league’s new schedule, many agents who represent overseas players are concerned that international teams won’t be so understanding and flexible when it comes to modifying contract language.

Some overseas players have an NBA-buyout clause in their contract (also known as an NBA-out) that allows them to leave their international team if they get an offer from an NBA franchise. Some NBA-outs are monetary buyouts, but many of these buyouts give players a certain date in

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