LeBron James extension: Answering six questions you need to know as Lakers star nears eligibility for new deal

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LeBron James has signed eight contracts in his NBA career, and while some have been more meaningful than others, each has been eventful in its own way. Two of them were so seismic that they can be easily described with two words — The Decision and The Letter — and several others remain memorable despite needing slightly longer descriptions. The press release that brought him to the Lakers in 2018 was a masterclass in anti-climax. The one-year deal he signed in Cleveland in 2015 (a follow-up to the identical arrangement that came with The Letter) furthered a trend of stars seeking short-term deals. He started that trend himself with a three-year extension following his rookie deal in 2006. 

Contractually speaking, James has only recently become boring. After the Lakers won the 2020 championship,

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