Do the Steelers’ playoff hopes end with a loss to the Ravens?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
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This divisional matchup has everything on the line for the Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves in a tough position. They hold a .500 record, but with most of the losses coming against teams that find themselves in a playoff position. Worse yet, they are 1-2 in a division which will likely send at least two, maybe three, teams to the AFC playoffs. With the Baltimore Ravens heading to town on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers entire season looks to be coming down to this one game. A loss would mean dropping to 1-3 in divisional games, and would also see the Steelers drop below .500 once again.

Considering how the Steelers have lost/tied the last few weeks, another loss could be backbreaking for the Steelers’ confidence moving forward. Pro Football Focus (PFF) estimates the Steelers current playoff chances are under 10% and a loss of the Ravens would push that number into single digits. While another loss won’t officially mathematically eliminate the Steelers from playoff contention, their playoff fate would be out of their hands and require a lot of help on a week to week basis for more than a month. It’s hard enough to get these factors in one week, let alone six.

However, a win gives the Steelers a glimmer of hope, not a massive amount, but still a fighting chance. The AFC North is still a tight race and the Steelers best shot at making the playoffs still lies with winning the division. Sure, being 0-2 to the Cincinnati Bengals greatly impacts that, and the Steelers will need some help, but sweeping both the Ravens and Browns this year could put them in a good position to reclaim the crown. If the Steelers can manage to win this game they will still be on the heels of the Ravens, and if they could manage to get hot could overtake them for their position in the divisional race.

So when you are watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens clash on Sunday, you could be witnessing the end of the Steelers’ season, or the spark that turns around this entire 2021 year for the club. One thing is for certain, the Steelers will need a gigantic effort from all of their players including the guys whose names we barely know…

But what do you think? Does the entire 2021 season hinge on the Steelers game against the Ravens on Sunday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Philadelphia Eagles turn to Gardner Minshew at quarterback to replace injured Jalen Hurts

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The Philadelphia Eagles are facing the New York Jets with a new quarterback as they try to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Gardner Minshew is getting the start Sunday because Jalen Hurts is out with an ankle injury that he suffered in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants.

It’s Minshew’s first start as an Eagle. 

The Eagles (5-7) are looking to go 12-0 against the Jets in their history. It’s the most wins without a loss for any team against another in the NFL. 

Minshew has started 20 games in his two previous seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was Jacksonville’s sixth-round pick in 2019. 

Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew is making Sunday's start because of an injury to Jalen Hurts.

But Minshew wasn’t going to continue in that role for the Jaguars after they used the No. 1 overall pick in the draft on quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The Eagles traded for Minshew on Aug. 27, sending the Jaguars a conditional sixth-round pick.

Minshew was the Eagles’ third-string quarterback until they traded Joe Flacco to the Jets on Oct. 25. Minshew only got into one game this season, mopping up in the Eagles’ 44-6 win against the Detroit Lions on Oct. 31.

Minshew completed both of his pass attempts for 11 yards.

The Eagles are off next week, so Hurts will have two weeks to recover before facing Washington on Dec. 19.

Keep reading this sports article on USA Today - NFL Top Stories.

Bold and Bizarre predictions for Ravens at Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Much to the chagrin of most, BTSC’s Nostradumbass predicts the Steelers’ matchup against the Ravens.

Winless in three games and the loser of two straight, the Steelers are back at home and looking to jump start their 2021 season. Of course, there are many questions to be answered. With inquiries, story lines, and more…I’ve compiled a list of predictions (some basic, and some utterly idiotic) to look for in this opening contest.

Last week, I came close, but ultimately whiffed on most of my predictions. Let’s see if I can rebound this week.

  • Boujee Smith-Schuster comes out of the tunnel doing the infamous Ray Lewis entrance, decides to pull out a bag full of Edgar Allen Poe books to burn them pees all over Wink Martindale’s leg and mounts the Harbaugh family’s visiting schnauzer. JuJu’s pooch is charged, but cleared of all charges by a yinzer judge that used to roadie back in the day for Bret Michaels and Poison.
  • Former Steelers OC Randy Fichtner kidnaps Joshua Dobbs before the contest and squeezes his body into No. 5’s track suit and/or parka to advise Ben Roethlisberger on the sidelines. Nobody notices until Randyland, unlike the astro-physicist (or whatever Dobbs is), gets cocky and tries to identify one of the Heinz Field lights as the moon.
  • Ben Roethlisberger throws for 350 yards and two scores.
  • Diontae Johnson fields one of those Ben balls for a touchdown and proceeds to serve moonshine to his teammates in celebration of the 88th Anniversary of the ratifying of the 21st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, thereby bringing an end to national prohibition of alcohol in the country.
  • No. 7 stays clean of picks, but suffers a strip sack at the hands of Calais Campbell. Ben is sacked three times on the day.
  • Pressly Harvin III booms a few punts inside the twenty, but shanks one so badly that Steely McBeam has to be hospitalized.
  • Christopher Lynn Boswell hits a long one, but has an extra point not go through due to a bad snap.
  • Pat Freiermuth nabs 8 balls and finds the end zone twice.
  • Najee Harris gains 59 yards on the ground and 60 as a receiver out of the backfield and scores in his first tussle with the Ravens.
  • Terrell Edmunds, Cameron Sutton and cousin James Pierre all pick off Lamar Jackson.
  • Even though he’s on IR, Marcus Peters still finds a way to sucker punch somebody.
  • T.J. Watt gets 2 sacks in his return from COVID, but takes a lot of sideline oxygen as Taco Charlton and Derek Tuszka get a bunch of reps.
  • It is reasonable to say that both teams are capable of winning the game in the final seconds on either a 59-yarder by Chris Boswell or a 79-yarder off a Justin Tucker’s toes. I reverse my pick with Watt back and say it’s the Steelers 23-21 with the make and the W.
  • John “Wang Harbs” Harbaugh has to be hospitalized as his “I smelled the worst fart of my life” grimace freezes after the loss.
  • Everybody I know in Maryland has a bizarre list of reasons the Ravens got screwed in the game. Not one of them holds enough water to host a goldfish.

Will any of this actually happen? I’ll bet at least one or two. Heck, maybe every one of them. Be sure to post your predictions — basic or bizarre — below.

Is this the week Lamar Jackson finally has a great game vs. the Steelers?

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Steelers have held the Ravens star in check so far, but they might not be able to do it this time.

Lamar Jackson is a different animal as a quarterback. He is a threat to run on a near Michael Vick level, and when the run game is working he can tear you up throwing the ball too. The Steelers have done extremely well against Jackson, holding him to his worst passer rating of any team he’s faced, and in 4 games have intercepted Jackson 5 times. The Steelers rank third in yards per rush allowed by Jackson among any team that has faced him more than once. Jackson also has 5 fumbles against the Steelers, 2 of them turnovers.

The Steelers average more than one interception and more than one fumble forced per game they have faced Lamar Jackson. The Steelers have forced 7 turnovers directly from Lamar Jackson, and he has 3 passing touchdowns and 0 rushing touchdowns against the Steelers.

To say the Steelers have had Jackson’s number so far in his career is an understatement. The Steelers have dominated Lamar Jackson.

Other teams have followed the Steelers blueprint, including the Cleveland Browns.

2021 Week 12, Browns vs. Ravens

Jadeveon Clowney is a freakish athlete, even more so than T.J. Watt. The Ravens “Veer” option is based of Lamar Jackson reading the play side defensive end instead of the team blocking that player. Basically, on this play, wherever Clowney goes, the ball goes somewhere else. Jackson is good enough to get rid of the ball right before Clowney gets to him, but Clowney shows the value of quickness in that edge defender role. The running back is then shut down by the speed of #28, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and run support from the play side corner.

That is also the Steelers secret to their success against Jackson.

2020 Week 8, Steelers vs. Ravens

T.J. Watt makes a fantastic play here. Normally an edge has to choose one of the two threats to cover. On this play that would be choosing between the running back going outside or Lamar Jackson going up the middle.

T.J. Watt is athletic and quick enough to choose both. Jackson makes the right read in keeping the ball, Watt is heading right for the running back. But that doesn’t matter because Watt is able to turn and tackle Jackson after he keeps it.

Look at Bud Dupree coming from the other side, he’s right there as well. The Ravens didn’t run their Veer to Dupree’s side, and they don’t run it to Myles Garrett’s side when they face the Browns. Having T.J. Watt as the more favorable player to run this play at is an incredible advantage for the Steelers, just like the Ravens having to choose to run it at either Myles Garrett or Jadeveon Clowney was a huge part of the Browns attempt to pull ahead of the Ravens this season.

But like that first clip showed, it goes beyond just the edge defenders being ridiculous athletes and great run defenders.

2019 Week 5, Steelers vs. Ravens

Devin Bush hasn’t faced the Ravens outside of his rookie season, and his only game against Lamar Jackson came in his 5th game in the NFL. Devin Bush led the team in tackles and intercepted his first pass in that game, a game which saw a Devlin Hodges comeback win over Lamar Jackson thwarted by a fumble in overtime.

Bush, like Browns rookie Koramoah, had the speed to cover inside runs and still run down plays going outside. With help from always stout run defender Joe Haden, this play lost yards.

I’m not underselling the importance the defensive line played in these games, but the Steelers big advantage facing Lamar Jackson was Bud Dupree, T.J. Watt and Devin Bush. The Steelers had three of the most athletic linebackers in the NFL to defend Lamar Jackson’s athleticism, and it worked.

The problem this week is Devin Bush doesn’t have that athleticism right now, and the Steelers are thin on the defensive line. Joe Haden won’t be out there either. The last minute return of T.J. Watt gives the Steelers hope, but that hope won’t amount to anything if the interior line can’t hold up. With Cameron Heyward hoping to make it back from illness in time for the game, the Steelers are going to need their defensive line to step up, T.J. Watt to return strong and play great, and someone to get to the outside when the Ravens attack wide.

It’s a tall task for a depleted Steelers defense, and that could mean this week is the week Lamar Jackson finally breaks through and has a big game against the Steelers.

Podcast: Can the Steelers get up for AFC North football?

Check out our latest weekly venture with an international flavor. Put another shrimp on the barbie and check out Steelers Touchdown Under with two blokes from Australia, Matty Peverell and Mark Davison.

Last week the Steelers embarrassed the team’s former contributors and fans with a lacklustre performance against the Bengals, or perhaps you saw it as being the result based on a combination of: simply facing a better team, the Steelers not being in form, and their mounting injury (or COVID-19) list just too hard to overcome. Regardless, the loss, the 41-10 loss, seriously dented more than just much of the outside confidence in this team, it made things that much harder for the rest of the season.

Can the men in black and gold get it done potentially without Cameron Heyward? Can someone create a hole for Najee? Can Claypool help DJ without committing dumb penalties? Will Devin Bush bounce-back or cement his spot on the bench? Can T.J. Watt rack up a few sacks and make enough game changing plays, to not only lead the Steelers to a win, but steal the frontrunner title for DOPY?

These are just some of the questions that Matty Peverell and Mark Davison will address as they bring a global perspective to how the Steelers can achieve success in 2021, and what to expect from the team as they continue their 2021 campaign for a seventh Lombardi. This is what will be discussed on the latest episode of Touchdown Under, the Australian sensation from the BTSC family of podcasts.

Check out the rundown of this week’s show:

  • Mark & Matty quickly reflect on last week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals
  • The boys share their bold predictions and analysis of this week’s game against the Ravens
  • ‘Slingin’ the Slang’
  • Audience Q&A

If you missed the live show, be sure to check out the YouTube clip here, and be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking HERE:

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STAFF PICKS: Predicting the winner of Steelers vs. Ravens

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins
Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The staff at BTSC share their thoughts and predict the outcome of the Steelers game against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 13.

The 2021 regular season is upon us, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the Baltimore Ravens in Week 13. While the Steelers get ready for their latest road game of the season, it is time for the BTSC staff to put on their prognostication hats and guess the winner of the contest.

Who will get closest? We will be keeping tabs, so let’s get the picks. Check out the staff picks below, and even a pick from an enemy guest!

Jeff Hartman

Let me get something out of the way. I’m a homer. I always have been, and always will be. If that bothers you, please scroll down to the other predictions. So, please spare me with the “these predictions are trash” and “these guys are homers” comments. We clearly don’t care, and it doesn’t impact our predictions. With that said, I don’t think the Steelers are as bad as their record might indicate, and I don’t think the Ravens are as good as they might indicate. Getting T.J. Watt back only solidifies a prediction I made before the news of Watt being activated off the Reserve/COVID-19 List even happened. It’s a Christopher Lynn Boswell field goal to win it for the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Pick: Steelers 26, Ravens 24

Dave Schofield

I don’t know what to think of this game anymore. The Steelers looked terrible last week, and Joe Haden is still out. But T.J. Watt coming back is a much bigger deal than some people realize. While so many negative fans want to say “he didn’t play well last week” or “he might still be injured,” the Ravens are now going to go away from him rather than trying to go at his replacement. That’s a big deal. The problem is, I still don’t know if I believe in this team after what we’ve seen the last three weeks. It was also three weeks of a losing streak earlier in the season when the Steelers turned things around. After pulling the typical “Dave answer” of going back-and-forth as to what to actually do, I’m simply going by the numbers this week. The Ravens score an average of 23.9 points and Steelers give up an average of 24.3 points. The Steelers score an average of 20.4 points and the Ravens give up an average of 21.8 points. Averaging each pair of numbers, I just went with that score.

Pick: Ravens 24 (24.1), Steelers 21 (21.1)

Bryan Anthony Davis

Rivalry Week is so fun isn’t it? The Steelers actually match up better against Baltimore than they do Cincinnati. If T.J. Watt returns, and I’m thinking he does… the Steelers have a chance to shut Lamar Jackson. I just think the Steelers aren’t ready to stop screwing with fans just yet and will pull this out on a late Boswell FG. I previously selected a score of Ravens 23, Steelers 21 on The Preview, but I’m starting to get that feeling again. Or was it the oysters that I downed earlier this evening?

Pick: Steelers 23, Ravens 21

Michael Beck

The defense is just missing so many guys that I’m terrified of what Lamar Jackson and company will be able to accomplish on the ground. I also expect Hollywood Brown to scorch (insert any Steelers defensive back here) for a long touchdown. The recipe for this one isn’t shaping out good and the Steelers could be in line for another butt whooping.

Pick: Steelers 17, Ravens 34

K.T. Smith

In a word, my picks this season have sucked. I think I’m 3-8. My problem is, even though I see the faults and flaws of this team as clear as day. I just can’t bring myself to pick against the Steelers unless I’m sure they will lose. Which, quite frankly, I am not sure of this week against Baltimore.

There are plenty of reasons to pick the Ravens. But, with their season on the line, and with Ben Roethlisberger just having told his teammates this will be his final rodeo, there’s reason to anticipate an inspired performance from the Steelers, too. Let’s go with that. I say the home team pulls it together this week and wins one for the ‘berger. Who’s with me?

Pick: Steelers 24, Ravens 20

Geoffrey Benedict

There is no reason to believe the Steelers have a chance in this game. All the stats, the film, the direction of the teams, and especially the injury report say the Steelers are toast.

I. Don’t. Care. Coach Tomlin doesn’t care either. The Steelers don’t have to be the better team to win this game, they just have to find a way to beat that team from Maryland.

Pick: Steelers 27, Ratbirds 16

Rich Schofield (Big Bro Scho)

T.J. Watt does make it back this week, but Joe Haden is still out. This will probably be one of those games where the Steelers are actually able to stop the run game of the Ravens, but then turn around and allow Lamar Jackson to look like Dan Marino throwing the ball all over the place. I feel that the Joe Haden streak will continue and the Steelers will not pick up a victory.

Pick: Ravens 31, Steelers 21

Shannon White

The Steelers utterly disappointing lack of effort and intensity against the Bengals last Sunday has made this old Steelers fan question everything I thought I knew about the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers. In the biggest game of the season, against the team that basically called their manhood into question earlier this year, the Steelers were beaten and bullied by a Bengals franchise they used to dominate. I fear that the Steelers can no longer flip the switch. History tells us that the Steelers simply don’t win without Joe Haden in the lineup, 0-8 in such cases. I want to have faith in this team, but I need them to give me something to believe in.

Pick: Ravens 27 Steelers 13

Andrew Wilbar

I am still winless predicting Steelers games this season, so maybe I should go back to picking us to lose. However, Lamar Jackson has not had the greatest success against the Steelers in his young career, and with Cameron Heyward and T.J. Watt back in the lineup, the Steelers should be able to apply more pressure than they did against the Bengals last week. Baltimore’s pass rush is not as good as it is most years, so if the young left side of the line can protect Big Ben, the Steelers have a fighting chance despite the current struggles that the team is going through.

Pick: Steelers 25, Ravens 21

Matty Peverell

Minkah Fitzpatrick, Pat Freiermuth, Najee Harris, Cameron Heyward, Dionte Johnson, T.J. Watt. I like to think of them as our ‘Super 6’ (I like to look at all teams through this lens of who are their top 3 on offense or defense that can truly change a game), who do the Ravens have in their super 6? And if they do have a decent Super 6 are they better than the Steelers’? Time for the supporting cast to help our Super 6 get the win!

Pick: Steelers 24, Ravens 21

Mark Davison

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now lost Three straight games against the Cincinnati Bengals. While this Is totally inexcusable and the Steelers played poorly In both matchups VS the Bengals. It’s time to move on and push forward To the next AFC North football game. The Baltimore Ravens are leading the AFC Conference with the number One overall seed. The question I want to ask you, the BTSC fan.

Are the Ravens a true reflection of an 8-3 team? and Are the Steelers really a sub par team sitting at 5-5-1?

These Two questions might be answered Sunday afternoon until then grab your Terrible Towels and let’s swing them high, hard and proud

Pick: Steelers 19, Ravens 17

Anthony Defeo

I honestly don’t see how this compromised Steelers team will put up much of a fight against the Ravens, especially a run defense that has given up 586 yards over the past three games. I realize Thanksgiving is over, but Lamar Jackson could really be in for a feast on Sunday. As for this offense? I honestly don’t see how it will put up much of a fight against anyone, even a Ravens unit with a bad secondary.

Pick: Ravens 23, Steelers 7

Kyle Barber (Baltimore Beatdown)

Making Roethlisberger hang onto the football longer will be critical. He’s getting the ball out quicker than anybody in the NFL this season and that means the pressure must be faster, or coverage must be better. Either way, the only chance you can get to him is if he’s still clutching onto the ball. That’s where this secondary must play press and throw off the timing of Roethlisberger and his wide receivers.

Stopping running back Najee Harris will also take an 11-man effort. Hopefully, they bring that same run-stopping ability from last week to this game at Heinz Field.

What is your prediction? Let us know in the comment section below, and feel free to tell the contributors above why they are dead wrong, or spot on!

A pair of Steelers fined for infractions vs. the Bengals in Week 12

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Two Steelers will be seeing less money on their Week 12 game checks.

There are a couple members of the Pittsburgh Steelers who might be looked at their game checks from the Week 12 game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals and thinking, “Shouldn’t that number be larger?”

Those two players would be none other than cornerback James Pierre, and wide receiver Chase Claypool, who were both fined for instances during the team’s 41-10 loss last Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.

The unnecessary roughness call on James Pierre is a penalty which doesn’t stand out for any specific reason, but all personal foul penalties are reviewed by the league for further discipline. As for the Claypool fine, this could have been expected. In frustration, Claypool ripped Darius Phillips’ helmet off and it almost sparked a brawl near the Bengals’ bench.

This isn’t the first time Claypool has received discipline after an on-field altercation, and is why his fine is over $8k. If Claypool stays on this current track, he could eventually face a suspension for some of these plays which are over the line.

The NFL has made it an emphasis to crack down on these type of personal foul penalties, and they are hitting players where they think it will make the biggest impact, their wallets. At this point, it is anyone’s guess if a player like Claypool will learn his lesson, or if more money has to be taken out of his game check before changes are made.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare to host the Baltimore Ravens in Week 13 at Heinz Field.

Steelers fan confidence reaches a near season low after Week 12 shellacking

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Steelers fan base doesn’t like the direction the team is headed, and no one can blame them.

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan can be a fickle bunch. Every season is Super Bowl or bust for the fan base, and despite a huge Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills, the three game skid which ensued had Steelers fans in a downward spiral.

However, the Week 5 win over the Denver Broncos combined with the Week 6 overtime win vs. the Seattle Seahawks had the fan base starting to believe again. Before you knew it, the Steelers had clawed their way back to .500, and moved the team’s record to 3-3 on the season. On top of that, it gave the fans a taste of victory which had avoided them for almost an entire month. Coming off the bye week, the Steelers went on the road and beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 8, and now fans are really believing again.

Nonetheless, the come from behind Week 9 win over the Chicago Bears on Monday night football has fans questioning the team again. To make matters worse, a 16-16 tie vs. the Detroit Lions in Week 10 has the fans downright disgusted in the team, and its direction. How did the team follow up the tie? With a prime time loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, but somehow, someway the fan base’s confidence is actually on the rise after the loss.

The Steelers fan confidence in their favorite team was on the uptick, and likely due to the crazy finish in Week 11 which saw the Steelers score 27 points in the 4th quarter. But, for those who don’t like the direction the team is headed, following the Bengals slapping the Steelers around to the tune of a 41-10 loss, the confidence is on a sharp downturn.

How were the fans feeling about the team moving forward? Well, you can probably guess the roller coaster ride the fans have been on since the season began.

Here at SB Nation we poll fans every week in our SB Nation “Reacts” polls, and one of the questions asked is whether you have confidence in your team moving forward. As you can see, the confidence of the fan base is nearing a season-long low following Week 12.

If you want to know just how the fan confidence has changed, you can see the percentages below:

Post NFL Draft: 75%
Week 1: 89%
Week 2: 79%
Week 3: 38%
Week 4: 13%
Week 5: 18%
Week 6: 36%
Week 7: 54%
Week 8: 57%
Week 9: 71%
Week 10: 65%
Week 11: 28%
Week 12: 43%
Week 13: 20%

The Steelers are struggling in a big way, but the team can make a statement in Week 13 when they take on the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field. A win over their AFC North divisional foes would be just what the doctor ordered for this ailing team. A decisive win could be just what the fan base needs to truly believe this team has the potential to turn the corner.

Will the team bounce back, or will any success the team experiences be nothing more than a flash in the pan? Only time will tell…

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black and gold as they prepare for the Ravens on Sunday.

Check out DraftKings Sportsbook, the official sportsbook partner of SB Nation.

Distribution Map: Check out if you will get to see the Steelers vs. Ravens game

The Steelers are hosting the Ravens in Week 13. Will you get to see it?

If you were like me, before I decided to sign up for the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package every week I was wondering whether I’d be able to watch my beloved Steelers in the comfort of my own home, or if I’d have to go elsewhere to watch the game.

Before there were websites devoted to this, it meant a lengthy trip on the television guide screen to see which game was scheduled to air, but now it’s just a click away.

So, will you get to see the Steelers and the Ravens go head-to-head in Week 13? Check out which games you’ll see in your local viewing area.

For those who want to know which game they’ll see, check the map below, courtesy of 506 Sports:

CBS Week 13

RED: Steelers vs. Ravens
BLUE: 49ers vs. Seahawks
GREY: Blackout

CBS Week 13 Early

RED: Chargers at Bengals
BLUE: Colts at Texans
YELLOW: Vikings at Lions
GREEN: Eagles at Jets
GREY: Blackout

So, are you lucky enough to be able to watch the game live in your own home, or are you one of many who will have to find other means to view the game? Either way, today is the day to get pumped!!


How to watch Steelers vs. Ravens: Time, TV Schedule, and game information

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

All the information needed to watch, listen, or follow the Steelers game on Sunday against the Ravens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers got the right kind of news Saturday morning as All-Pro outside linebacker T.J. Watt has been taken off the Reserve/COVID-19 List and will play in Sunday’s game against the Ravens. While some have downplayed the return of Watt because he struggled last week and some feel he may not be recovered from his injuries that held him out of Week 11, having Watt on the field will change Baltimore’s strategy as they will likely be trying to avoid the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Finalist and not going after his replacement.

Will T.J. Watt return to his All-Pro form after missing practice all this week? Will the offense be able to take advantage of the Raven’s 32nd-ranked passing defense? Will all three phases of the game do their part in trying to get the Steelers back on track?

This Sunday will answer all these questions as the Steelers look to put an end to their three-game winless streak. Make sure you get all the information you need below so you can enjoy the Week 13 showdown. The latest odds are per DraftKings Sportsbook.

Week 13:

Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Date: Sunday, December 5th

Kickoff: 4:25 P.M. ET

Venue: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Odds: Pittsburgh (+4.5); O/U (44.5)

Weather: Live weather update

TV Channel: Broadcast locally on KDKA-CBS with Jim Nance and Tony Romo as commentators and Tracy Wolfson as the sideline reporter. Check the national broadcast map to see if the game is on in your area.

Online: Game Pass offers live games for international viewers and replays of every game upon conclusion with a paid subscription. A subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket gives access to stream games as well. fuboTV also allows you to stream NFL games online with a subscription. NFL Game Center will update the action on a play-by-play basis. The game is also available on the Yahoo! Sports App in most areas.

Radio: Steeler Nation Radio with Bill Hillgrove, Craig Wolfley, and Max Starks. The broadcast will be live on WDVE 102.5 FM and WBGG 970 AM in the Pittsburgh area or check the list of Steelers Radio Affiliates. Viewers can listen anywhere in the world online via, but the Steelers Official Mobile App does have geographical restrictions. The Steelers broadcast is also available on Westwood One radio, XM Radio in channel 227, and Sirius Radio on channel 82.

You can also follow Behind the Steel Curtain on Twitter or in the game thread article to catch all of the highlights. Be sure to check back with BTSC after the game for our post-match roundup, and subscribe to BTSC Steelers Radio on YouTube to catch The Steelers Post Game Show with Jeff Hartman and Dave Schofield.