An early preview of the Cavaliers 2020-21 offseason

By | May 28, 2020

The Cavaliers 2019-20 season is figuratively and possibly literally over. If that was it, this past year will be one marked with small incremental developmental strides and managerial lows. The upcoming 2020-21 season will be another developmental one for the ‘post-LeBron era’. Despite the All-Star frontcourt with the newly acquire Andre Drummond and veteran Kevin Love, they’ll need their young guards, Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, and Kevin Porter Jr., to keep making strides before they can aim to be an over .500 team.


Cavalier current 2020-21 payroll.

Cavaliers current 2020-21 payroll. The salary cap, luxury tax, and rookie-scale amount

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Knicks hire 3 executives to work in Rose's front office

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Knicks hired three executives Wednesday as they build the front office around new President Leon Rose.

Brock Aller was hired as vice president of basketball and strategic planning, Walt Perrin is the assistant general manager for college scouting and Frank Zanin the assistant general manager for pro scouting.

Aller spent seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the last three as senior director of basketball operations. Perrin had been with the Utah Jazz for 19 seasons, including the final 12 as vice president of player personnel.

Zanin is a former assistant general manager of the Brooklyn Nets who had most recently worked as Oklahoma City’s pro scout for three years.

The Knicks also announced a one-year extension for general manager Scott Perry through the 2020-21 season. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Rose, a longtime player agent, was hired as team president on

How coronavirus could hurt influx of overseas talent in the NBA

By | May 27, 2020

The NBA’s biggest priority at the moment is figuring out whether they can resume their season and crown a 2020 champion. However, the NBA’s shifting schedule has a wide-ranging impact that creates some unintended consequences. 

For example, when the NBA schedule is altered, certain deadlines in players’ contracts must be adjusted as well. While NBA contracts will certainly be updated to account for the league’s new schedule, many agents who represent overseas players are concerned that international teams won’t be so understanding and flexible when it comes to modifying contract language.

Some overseas players have an NBA-buyout clause in their contract (also known as an NBA-out) that allows them to leave their international team if they get an offer from an NBA franchise. Some NBA-outs are monetary buyouts, but many of these buyouts give players a certain date in

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Apparently, Michael Jordan did request that Isiah Thomas not be a part of the 'Dream Team'

You didn’t think The Last Dance was the end of the Michael Jordan–Isiah Thomas feud, did you?

On Tuesday, the saga between the two former superstars got a little deeper, when longtime Sports Illustrated writer Jack McCallum released the third episode of his podcast, The Dream Team Tapes.

And on that third episode was the bombshell we’d all been anticipating.

“I won’t play if Isiah Thomas is on the team.”

Michael Jordan is heard saying that to Rod Thorn, who was on the USA Basketball selection for the Dream Team, in an old interview that was recently aired on a podcast.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 26, 2020

Now, we’re sure you’re probably asking yourself, why is this a bombshell report? It was made clear in The Last Dance, ESPN’s recently aired 10-part docuseries chronicling the Chicago Bulls’ rise to prominence in the 1990s, that Jordan was no fan

2020 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Who should the Warriors take No. 1 in a guard-heavy draft?

Surely there will be a lot of disagreement at the top of the draft, especially if the Warriors get the No. 1 pick.

They’ve got the best backcourt in the NBA, plus Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins. What they don’t have is a wing to tangle with Kawhi Leonard or a big to tussle with Anthony Davis.

Is Okongwu that guy? At 6-foot-9, 240 pounds, he’s a man-child who has the highest motor of any player in the draft. He was 10th in the country in PER, and led the NCAA in shooting (74.8%). He can defend 3-5.

His comps are all over the place: Maybe a young Kevin Garnett; he kind of plays like Bam Adebayo. Okongwu turns 20 in December. The only caveat: The Warriors could easily trade down a few spots and get Okongwu, who fits their win-now team better than Ball or Edwards.