Fantasy Football Rankings 2020: Top sleepers from same simulation that nailed Derrick Henry's huge season

The NFL Draft brought in a fresh crop of talent to the league, and owners across the country are now trying to figure out which 2020 Fantasy football rookies will make the biggest impact. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow should be the Week 1 starter in Cincinnati and has an intriguing supporting cast with A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon and Tee Higgins. But where should Burrow be in your 2020 Fantasy football rankings? Meanwhile, Clyde Edwards-Helaire joins a loaded Kansas City offense.

Owners are also on the lookout for underappreciated players who can outperform their 2020 Fantasy football ADP. These 2020 Fantasy football sleepers could be the key to making your league’s playoffs. Before going on the clock this season, be sure to see the latest Fantasy football rankings 2020 and cheat sheets from the team at SportsLine, given the

NBA sued for $1.25M in missed rent on NY store

May 27, 2020

NBA Media Ventures is being sued by a landlord who alleges the league has failed to pay $1.25 million in rent on its store on New York’s Fifth Avenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

The suit was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New York by a plaintiff identified as 535-545 Fee LLC, which has leased the retail space to NBA Media Ventures LLC for its NBA Store since November 2014.

The rent at the store is $7.5 million per year, or $625,000 per month, the suit says, and NBA Media Ventures did not pay rent for April and May, when the store was closed.

“Like other retail stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City, the NBA Store was required to close as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” NBA chief communications officer Mike Bass said in a statement Wednesday. “Under those circumstances, we

Knicks hire 3 execs to work in Rose's front office

May 27, 2020

Associated Press

NEW YORK — The Knicks hired three executives Wednesday as they build the front office around new team president Leon Rose.

Brock Aller was hired as vice president of basketball and strategic planning, Walt Perrin is the assistant general manager for college scouting and Frank Zanin the assistant general manager for pro scouting.

Aller spent seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the last three as senior director of basketball operations. Perrin had been with the Utah Jazz for 19 seasons, including the final 12 as vice president of player personnel.

Zanin is a former assistant general manager for the Brooklyn Nets and had most recently worked as Oklahoma City‘s pro scout for three years.

The Knicks also announced a one-year extension for general manager Scott Perry through the 2020-21 season. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Rose, a longtime player

Bradley Beal excels as No. 1 option, which is why he's not eyeing a trade

By | May 29, 2020

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal has been at the center of recent trade rumors, though it seems unlikely that he’ll be moved.

Of course, his name has been mentioned often when discussing potential moves around the NBA. We wrote about his potential fit with the Los Angeles Lakers in November 2018 and what Washington would need back in a trade from the Brooklyn Nets in January 2019.

Wizards general manager Tommy Shepard has said that Beal is the type of player to build a team around, which is precisely why they have no plans to trade him (via CBS Sports):

“The way that I look at this is pretty simple: If you were looking to build a team, Brad would be the type of player anyone would want to start with. You look at the character, the talent, the age,

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Inside the excitement and uncertainty as NBA players return to facilities

5:48 AM ET

DAMIAN LILLARD HAS never entered the Portland Trail Blazers‘ training center through the media entrance, but there’s nothing natural about May 8, the first time he walks into the facility since the NBA shuttered it March 20 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wearing a mask, Lillard steps into a makeshift check-in area, where a member of the health and performance staff aims a no-touch, infrared thermometer to check his temperature. Next, Lillard empties his pockets — phone, car keys, wallet — and places them into a ziplock bag. He then washes his hands in the media bathroom, after which he is presented with a pair of rubber gloves. The whole process feels more like getting prepped for surgery than for a 90-minute training session.

Lillard would normally head to the locker room, but the players’ inner sanctum is off-limits for the foreseeable future. In this new,

Where NBA teams disagree on restart plans

May 26, 2020

The final, fleeting fight for 30 teams to resume the NBA’s season is raging through these last days of indecision. Hours of commissioner Adam Silver’s time are being spent engaging owners and high-level executives who are making the case for how the league should march into the summer’s playoffs, including those desiring the entire league to descend upon Orlando, Florida.

Some want a wide-open playoffs, a knockout round to give those teams who are among the worst a way to punch up into the play-in for the eighth seed. Some want every market — New York and Chicago included — invited into the fans’ consciousness. And some are fearful of delivering the competitive disadvantage of a nine-month hiatus prior to the 2020-21 season to young, rebuilding franchises.

From all angles and agendas, there are appeals underway to Silver. The idea of 30 teams returning for

How tough were the teams NBA legends beat in the playoffs?

By | May 28, 2020

When we looked up 25 NBA superstars to determine the combined winning percentages of the opponents they defeated in the playoffs, two players who stood out were the legendary Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant, who finished within percentage points of each other at No. 1 and No. 2 on our list respectively.

It’s easy to see why, too, because looking back, both played in super-strong era of the Western Conference. Just as a quick example, the Golden State Warriors missed the playoffs in the West back in 2007-08. They won 48 games that season.

Overall, Bryant won far more series during his career, but Nowitzki won with worse company surrounding him.

Looking through other notable stars on our list, LeBron James finds himself down in the rankings at No. 14, as the playoff opponents he defeated boasted a 60 percent win

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Williamson seeks to avoid answering ex-agent's questions

MIAMI (AP) — Attorneys for NBA rookie Zion Williamson seek to block his former marketing agent’s effort to have the ex-Duke star answer questions about whether he received improper benefits before playing for the Blue Devils.

In a Florida court filing last week, Williamson’s attorneys say those questions are “nothing more than a fishing expedition aimed at tarnishing Williamson’s reputation” and designed to “maximize potential embarrassment and media coverage in an attempt to improperly gain settlement leverage.”

“Plaintiffs’ irrelevant and invasive requests are designed to harass and not calculated to lead to discovery of relevant evidence,” Friday’s filing states.

It is the latest exchange in the fight over the No. 1 overall NBA draft pick’s endorsement potential.

Prime Sports Marketing and company president Gina Ford filed her lawsuit last summer in Florida, accusing Williamson and the agency now representing him of breach of contract. Williamson filed his own lawsuit a

Michael Jordan Jerseys, Michael Jordan Dream Team Gear, Where to get them

By | May 28, 2020

After ‘The Last Dance’ premiere, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were brought back into the spotlight. If you’ve been looking for some Jordan gear to add to your closet or even just support your favorite player, we have you covered with these Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey’s.

With different styles to choose from including Michael’s home and away jersey and the USA Dream Team jersey, there is an option for everyone. These jerseys are available in a wide array of sizes that include small all the way up to 5XL.

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